Master The Art Of Team Leadership, Organizational Change And Working With Groups

Presented by ABTI | Joseph Riggio International

Get your NLP™ Consultant Certification in 6 days intensive training in Iceland, Reykjavik, May 9-14, 2022.

Early Bird! Sign up before april 1, 2022 DKK 19.950


Date: May 9-14, 2022

Location:Center Plaza Hotel, Aðalstræti 4- 6, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Price: DKK 24.950 Early Bird – Sign up before april 1, 2022  DKK 19.950 (This price is excl. travel expenses, accommodation and meals)

Master Trainers

Joseph Riggio, Ph.D., NLP Master Trainer and Henrik Wenoe, NLP Trainer

Presented by ABTI | Joseph Riggio International and promoted by Acuity World, DK


If you want to be certified NLP Consultant, it requires that you are already certified NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner.

If you do not have an NLP education in advance, you can easily attend the training anyway and you will receive a course certificate.

In this intensive 6 days training you will

Develop your leadership presence, and deepen your ability to inspire and motivate others to creating higher performance and better outcomes. 


Gain the skills that develop world-class teams that can act creatively and collaboratively to achieve, and exceed, all expected results.


Become an elite professional communicator who commands attention, builds effective agreements, and gets others to take needed action

NLP Consultant training in Iceland
NLP Consultant training in Iceland
NLP Consultant training in Iceland
NLP Consultant training in Iceland

Society of NLP Consulting Certification Training

Official Trainers for the Society of NLP | Richard Bandler

At its simplest, consulting assists and leads others to set clear outcomes and realize them … as individuals, with teams and in groups. Become a Certified NLP™ Consultant and build your leadership, team building and communication skills to a previously unprecedented levels.

The unique approach and skills of the NLP model bring to consulting a new edge of effectiveness and capability. NLP has been around for more than five decades, with applications that include therapy, education, sports performance, and business among other areas of specialization. Rather than focusing on the therapeutic or training aspects of NLP, this program will focus on how to create and implement consulting interventions, with a special emphasis on working with groups.

For more than three decades ABTI | Joseph Riggio International has trained thousands people using the NLP model to develop world-class skills in business applications internationally. The skills you’ll gain in the NLP Consultant Certification Training developed by ABTI | Joseph Riggio International and presented with Acuity World, DK, will equip you to succeed internally, on your own … and externally, with others.

  • We’ll begin by exploring and deepening your sense of mission and purpose as a leader, and install a profound level of leadership presence.

  • Next, we’ll uncover the true root of elite, creative and collaborative teamwork, leading to world-class performance.
  • And, we’ll also present the way the most effective leaders in the world create agreements that produce results and gain compliance without compromise or coercion.

While many NLP applications are focused on individual personal and professional development, and one-to-one communication skills, such as sales and persuasion, this training will present a deep focus on developing the group communication skills of world-class leadership, team building and professional presentation. You’ll gain the ability to read entire groups of people, use multi-level communication to reach multiple kinds of people in a mixed audience simultaneously, and to mentor others to use these skills as well.

One of the unique aspects of the NLP™ Consultant Certification intensive training will be the training on the applications and use of … conversational hypnosis and hypnotic protocol … storytelling … and, metaphor when you’re working with organizations, teams and groups.

In this intensive six-day program you’ll have developed these attributes for yourself, as well as the ability to guide others to realize them too. After successfully completing the program you’ll receive a certification as a NLP™ Consultant from ABTI | Joseph Riggio International and the Society of NLP | Richard Bandler.

Henrik Wenoe, NLP Trainer and Founder of Acuity World, DK, will join Joseph in presenting this program. Dr. Joseph Riggio and Henrik Wenoe are the only trainers in the world authorized by the Society of NLP | Richard Bandler to present this NLP™ Consultant Certification program.


Meet your Master Trainers

Joseph Riggio
Joseph Riggio, Joseph Riggio, Ph.D.

Architect & Designer of the MythoSelf Process and SomaSemantics, NLP Master Trainer

Dr. Joseph Riggio is a cognitive scientist with deep expertise in transformational communication, decision-making and non-ordinary cognition. He is the architect and designer of the MythoSelf® Process and the Soma-Semantics® Model and an international figure in the professional NLP™ and hypnosis communities. Joseph is also a well-known speaker and the writer on the topics of transformational change, leadership and elite performance.onal Selling Program – PSP™. 

Henrik Wenøe
Henrik Wenøe

CEO and Master Trainer

Henrik Wenøe specialize in working with Executives & Leaders who want to optimize their performance through training and coaching in the areas of Leadership, Communication, Sales & Coaching. He aim to deliver high-quality, practical & effective skills development to his clients, enabling them to excel both professionally and personally.

Over the last 20 years, Henrik have trained and coached thousands of business professionals in both private & public sectors through our signature programs: Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ and Personal Selling Program – PSP™. Early 2020 Henrik developed Virtual Customer Meetings, covering how to build relations, conduct meetings and maintain or even increase sales in the virtual work-space.


Day 1

Introduction to the NLP Consultant Certification Program

What is Consulting, Who Needs A Consultant? 

What are the distinctions of consulting, and what unique value do consultants bring to organizational clients? 

The Distinctions of NLP Consulting 

Most NLP training focuses on “the individual” not the group, NLP Consulting will take you beyond the individual dimension and into the group  dimension, with all the best that NLP has to offer; modeling a group, group communication and group strategy, so you can master the art of  working with groups, teams and organizations. 

Day 2

Exploring Groups & Teams With NLP

Understanding the identity and structure of groups and teams, and, how they are the same and how they differ. 

Team Exercises and First Level Unpacking 

Working with small groups in a live performance exercise to explore shared and divergent values, and how to bring together multiple,  competing agendas and outcomes within the group, Deep analysis of the exercise to divulge individual hidden agendas and secondary gains of the group participants, and inter-group rivalries.  

Day 3

Interpersonal Group/Team Dynamics

Understanding Group/Team Patterns of Interaction 

Building an interactional lens to view what pulls groups together and apart, with a specific attention to group/team rhythms. 

Pattern Recognition: Complexity, Calibration, Communication 

Working with the group/team politics that affect setting outcomes, choosing roles and power structures, including leadership functions and  limitations. Developing insight into the way that competing agendas affect the ability of the group to perform as a team. Using collaborative  and leadership models to resolve conflict. 

Day 4

Consulting Outcomes & Strategy

Building Precise Outcomes and Interventions 

Develop the specific approach to group elicitation and outcome integration, to move groups towards a common goal and strategy. 

Defining The Consulting Engagement: Issues and Outcomes 

Elicitation with a group begins in dialogue and brainstorming a wide range of possibilities, before committing to a plan of action, and the  strategy for achieving the agreed upon outcome. Once the outcome has be precisely defined, including milestones and markers, a strategy  to produce it becomes possible, with reasonable levels of adjustment and refinement. 

Day 5

Team Performance & Change Management

Team Facilitation and Process 

Working with teams in parallel with taking action towards outcomes, including dealing with the interpersonal issues as they arise. 

Consulting Process and Facilitation 

Properly setting up and framing the consultation process creates the best opportunity to create successful outcomes with clients, laying out the steps of a great consultation using the tools of NLP, and then facilitating the process of bringing the group into a common action frame  with strong interpersonal agreements and compliance toward taking action as agreed. 

Day 6

NLP Consulting Agreements

Reaching Powerful Consulting Agreements 

The basis to achieving successful consulting outcomes begins with establishing successful consulting agreements with clients. 

Getting Past Client Reluctance and Resistance 

NLP provides you with the tools to effectively communicate with clients, including building future based scenarios that transcend the  limitations of past and current client scenarios and situations, this is especially effective when you are dealing with clients who are stuck in  limiting, disempowering or damaging paradigms of decision-making and performance.

Travel details

Hotel booking

The training will be held at Center Plaza Hotel, Aðalstræti 4- 6, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland. 

We have negotiated a room rate for all participants at €111, including breakfast and all taxes, for as long as rooms are available. Please book you room directly with the hotel, and let them know you are coming with the ABTI | Joseph Riggio group, when asking for the negotiated rate. Here is their web addres but we suggest calling them directly at +354 595 8500 to insure you are booked at the negotiated rate.

It will be best and easiest for you to come in on 8 May and leave on 15. May to insure you can attend the entire program without interruption.

We will be serving coffee and tea during the days we are together in the training, and if you book your room with Center Plaza Hotel breakfast is included in the negotiated rate we have for you. Other wise all meals will be on your own. There are many options for both lunch and dinner, including a few just outside the hotel front door. You will have easy access to choices from fast food and hot dogs, to nice coffee cafes, to white glove level dining experiences. Iceland restaurants can get busy for dinner, so if you want to have a particular meal it would be best to reserve a table a day before if possible.

Direct flights

Iceland Air has direct flights to and from Copenhagen Airport in Europe, Newark/New York in the United States, and many other international airport locations in Europe and the U.S., making flight relatively inexpensive and accessible.

About Iceland

Iceland weather in May is beginning to get very pleasant, but it will still be cool most days, and can be cold as well. Plan to check the weather forecasts and bring appropriate dress for the week. Iceland is also a fantastic place to experience, and we’ll be in the center of Reykjavik which is a great city to tour, and easily accessible via walking. If you have the time and inclination you can rent a car as well and explore a bit more of Iceland, or take a planned tour (there are many) if you stay a few extra days. Iceland will be a pleasant and exciting place to run this year’s Society of NLP/Richard Bandler Consultant Certification Training, and we look forward to your participation.

Price and Registration

Price for the 6 days: DKK 24.950 (This price is excl. travel expenses, accommodation and meals)

Early Bird – sign up before april 1, 2022 DKK 19.950

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