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NLP Consultant Certification Super-Bootcamp

Unlock Your Potential as a Change Agent with The Society of NLP Consultant Certification Super-Bootcamp.

If you are a professional serious about deploying transformational change within your organization or for your clients, this training will equip you with the necessary skills and insights to do so magnificently.

25+ Years of Transforming Sales and Marketing leaders with NLP

NLP Consultant Certification Training Details

When and where

6 days, August 5 – 10, 2024,

Johanneberg Hotel, Vordingborg, Denmark

Expert Guidance

Learn from the best with our NLP Master Trainers, Dr. Joseph Riggio and Henrik Wenøe, who offer 25+ years of expert NLP experience

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Training, Room & Board Included

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  • EUR: €4,640
  • DKK: DKK 34,600

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Book before June 1, 2024

    • EUR: €4,176
    • DKK: DKK 31,140

NLP™ Consultant Certification

Achieving certification as an NLP™ Consultant requires prior certification as an NLP™ Practitioner or NLP™ Master Practitioner. However, if you haven’t yet been certified, you can participate in the training and will be awarded a course certificate upon completion.

NLP Consultant Certification Highlights

Are you ready to radically enhance your influence and leadership capabilities?

The NLP Consultant Certification Super-Bootcamp is meticulously designed and curated advanced NLP-based training for those who aspire to elevate their strategic thinking and interpersonal skills to unprecedented levels.

This intensive six-day experience will immerse you in real-world applications utilizing sophisticated techniques based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

The experience you’ll get will produce a profound transformation that transcends typical training programs, offering you the golden key to transformative communication and leadership presence.


In the six days of this program, attendees will dive into the intricate world of NLP, focusing on strategies that align thinking, communication, and behavior to produce consistent, exceptional results in leadership and consulting.

You’ll learn to master your emotional and psychological state, craft compelling future visions, and transform complex challenges into strategic advantages.

This super-bootcamp is your gateway to becoming a true architect of change, needed to excel in today’s fast-paced, changing, and complex world.

This training is specially designed for:

Dynamic consultants, coaches, and trainers operating solo or within frameworks like HR or Training and Development.

These six days will refine your coaching techniques and enrich your professional toolkit, allowing you to deliver unprecedented value in your consulting or training roles.

Visionary executives and entrepreneurs aiming to amplify their strategic leadership and team performance.

The skills developed here will empower you to cultivate a high-performing culture within your organization, leveraging cutting-edge NLP strategies to foster an environment where innovation and efficiency are the norms.

Six-Day Blueprint for Transformational Leadership in Organizational Change

Join Dr. Joseph Riggio and Henrik Wenøe, master trainers from the Society of NLP, for an intensive six-day journey to turn you into a powerhouse of positive transformation and strategic mastery.

Each day of the program builds on the next, from establishing a positive present state and crafting a dynamic future vision, to designing actionable strategies and experiencing transformative narratives.

Day 1 | August 5, 2024

Outcome: Nail down a battle-tested understanding of winning strategies and interpersonal dynamics that define winning teams. Master communication techniques and set a positive frame to enhance organizational dynamics.

Main Concepts: Day one explodes out of the gate, laying down the gauntlet of NLP’s transformative powers. Prep to command the room with your newfound skills of instant rapport.

Day 2 | August 6, 2024

Outcome: Lock in a future vision so potent, it’s already transforming the present. Expand your ability to craft compelling future visions that pull teams toward success.

Main Concepts: Vision and goal setting aren’t just tasks; they’re your weapons to carve out a better tomorrow.

Day 3 | August 7, 2024

Outcome: Walk away with a playbook that guarantees not just progress but domination in your field. Strategically design the pathway from current successes to future ambitions with precision for yourself and others.

Main Concepts: Strategic planning becomes your best friend as you plot a course from the now to the next.

Day 4 | August 8, 2024

Outcome: Forge a narrative so powerful, it moves your team to action before the ink is dry. Visualize and begin the journey towards your goals through powerful storytelling.

Main Concepts: Storytelling isn’t just for books. Here, it’s a powerful tool to visualize and enact the journey from dream to reality.

Day 5 | August 9, 2024

Outcome: Set the stage for a finale where you don’t just reach your goals; you surpass them. Ignite decisive action and begin actualizing your strategic plans.

Main Concepts: It’s go-time. Every strategy, every plan, and every idea you’ve nurtured now gets tested in the fires of real-world application.

Day 6 | August 10, 2024

Outcome: Demonstrate your NLP prowess in complex scenarios that test your mettle. Integrate your skills in a final assessment, culminating in a certification ceremony that marks your readiness to lead and transform.

Main Concepts: It’s all coming together. Every skill, every lesson, and every moment from the past five days converges to forge you into an NLP titan.


This training is not just about learning; it’s about becoming a catalyst for change and excellence in any organizational setting. Propel yourself beyond the ordinary and emerge as a certified NLP Consultant ready to lead and inspire. Join us to unlock your potential and command success.

Applying NLP within a business context

As a distinctive feature of our NLP Consultant Certification Training, our participants will be introduced to “The Satisfaction Cycle,” a strategic model tailored for applying NLP within a business context.

This model transforms organizational change processes into developmental journeys and moves away from traditional change management approaches that often rely on a “burning platform” and fear as primary motivators. Instead, it cultivates a growth mindset, fostering a genuine personal and professional growth desire.

This approach ensures that future change processes are perceived not as impositions but as opportunities for development and engagement by all stakeholders involved.

NLP Consultant-Certification Super Bootcamp 2024 The Satisfaction Cycle

Meet Your Transformational Guides

Our trainers have over 25+ years of expertise in personal development, specializing in transforming executives and driving global company development through sales and leadership training.

NLP Consultant Certification Training 2024 with NLP Master Trainer Dr. Joseph Riggio

Dr. Joseph Riggio, NLP Master Trainer and Founder and Owner of ABTI | Joseph Riggio International

Joseph Riggio, Ph.D., is the architect behind the MythoSelf Process and a pioneer in personal transformation and performance enhancement. As the founder of the Applied Behavioral Technologies Institute, and the AppliedNLP Nexus international training group, he brings over three decades of expertise to this program. Joseph is one of the few globally recognized Society of NLP Master Trainers and has been directly appointed and certified by Richard Bandler as the exclusive designer of the Society of NLP Consultant Certification training.

Joseph brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge and an intuitive approach to working with and developing high achievers in multiple fields. His training goes beyond traditional methods, offering a blueprint for those ready to master themselves and influence others profoundly. Deeply rooted in the principles of NLP, neurocognitive science, and cybernetic systems thinking, Joseph provides a unique perspective on transformational communication and organizational leadership.

Beyond Selling - Global Master Classes with Dr. Joseph Riggio. NLP Master Trainer

Henrik Wenøe, NLP Master Trainer and CEO of Acuity World

Henrik Wenøe, founder of Acuity World, stands out as a premier business consultant, coach, and advisor for his international clients and a pillar of transformative training. He is also a Master NLP Trainer directly certified by Dr. Richard Bandler. Henrik’s expertise lies in integrating the essence of personal breakthroughs with the practicalities of business leadership that resonate in the corporate world.

Through his leadership at Acuity World, Henrik has become a pivotal figure in crafting training programs that elevate executives and professionals across various industries’ communication, sales, and leadership skills. His trainings are designed not just to instruct but to catalyze fundamental thinking and behavioral capability shifts.

Join us in August, 2024


Step into a realm of infinite possibilities where your potential is only the beginning.

Consultant Certification Super Bootcamp 2024 Unlock Your Potential as an Change Agent with the Society of NLP Consultant Certification Super-Bootcamp in Denmark

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When and where

6 days, August 5 – 10, 2024, Johanneberg Hotel, Vordingborg, Denmark.

Pricing Details (Excluding VAT)

Training, Room & Board Included

Standard Price:

  • EUR: €4,640
  • DKK: DKK 34,600

Early Bird Offer (Save 10%):

Book before June 1, 2024

    • EUR: €4,176
    • DKK: DKK 31,140

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