Our promise for Sales Training at Acuity World

Our Promise

Our transformative sales and leadership training is the key to unlocking the full potential of your company. With our sales and leadership programs, you can create a common language within your department, fostering better communication and alignment. 

Profitable Growth

Create predictable and profitable growth.

It is not just important to grow your business. You want your growth to be profitable – selling the right products and services to customers at the right price.

You also want your growth to be predictable because it ensures that your company has the capacity to deliver what the customers want when they want it and at the same time, maintain a trustworthy communication of company results and expectations to the stock market and other shareholders.

We will show you how to

  • Optimize your CRM and customer pipeline system and how you use it to ensure that.
  • You set the right sales targets, follow up on them, and reach them with Value Communication.
  • The CRM system becomes a leadership tool rather than just a KPI tool, providing the sales professionals with true value in the sales process and enabling them to optimize their time and energy resources.

Besides creating the desired predictability and profitability in sales that will make strategic planning easier and more reliable, this will also result in more sustainable performance and better global alignment of your sales force, as they experience that the CRM and customer pipeline system provides real value in their daily work, rather than just being experienced as an administrative burden.

Attract New Customers

Attract the right new customers

You don’t just want to attract new customers to your business. You want to attract the right new customers – those who stay with you and become long-term clients – not just one-timer shoppers.

We will show you how to:

  • Uncover and understand the true needs of potential new customers so that you can proceed with the right leads.
  • Align your marketing, sales, and service departments, so that they can deliver what was sold to the new customer, in a congruent way.

This way, you pave the road for your new customers to become Positive Activists – those who will be so satisfied with the products and services, they got from you, that they will start – without prompting – to refer other new customers to you.

Retain Customers

Develop loyal and satisfied customers.

Loyal and satisfied customers are the cornerstone of any healthy business.

We will show you how to:

  • Increase customer retention by establishing a continuous improvement relationship with existing customers.
  • Train you to visualize the value creation you make for them so that you experience less price pressure.
  • Train you to grow your business with existing customers by effectively identifying and following up on up-selling, cross-selling, and re-selling opportunities.
  • Align your marketing, sales, and service departments, so that they can deliver what was sold in a congruent way.

This way, you pave the road for your customers to become Positive Activists – those who will be so satisfied with the products and services they got from you that they will start – without prompting – to refer new customers to you.

Personal and Social Skills

Strengten Personal and Socilal Skills

Successful leaders and sales professionals create excellent results and understand how to combine professionalism, strong technical skills, and good business acumen with solid personal and social skills.

And whereas the first three are important prerequisites for your ability to do the job in the first place, it will be the latter – mastery of your personal and social skills – that will make you excel in your job and reach your goals.

We will enable you to 

  • Find the ”best version” of yourself and strengthen your ability to exercise.
  • Lead yourself and your own condition so that you can make the right decisions easily and quickly – and act!
  • Adapt your efforts to individual customers and our dynamic reality, making the most of each sales situation.
  • Present solutions to make others buy into your ideas and product.

The result is a proactive and self-motivated sales force, greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, and a higher coherence between management strategy and sales performance.

High Performance Behavior

Optimize behavior to support sustainable high performance.

You need skilled leaders and sales professionals to drive your sales forward, but this is not enough. A good skill set without the right mindset can lead to almost anything imaginable – good or bad.

You need both at the same time – people with good skills and people with the right mindset to secure a healthy business. And if you also want your business to be profitable and sustainable you need satisfied customers.

But this is also not enough. You must in fact have enthusiastic and excited customers. We call these customers Positive Activists – those who are so satisfied with the products and services, they got from you, that they will always talk positively about you and refer new customers in their network to you.

This will only occur if your sales professionals and leaders have the same mindset – if they are also Positive Activists on behalf of your company. We will show you how to develop and nurture the mindset of Positive Activists to ensure that your sales force is able to deliver a sustainable high performance

Effective Communication

Get rid of internal and external friction with effective communication.

A famous CEO once said: “If you are not serving the customers, your job is to be serving someone, who is.

This is a bold statement, of course, but it is imperative that everybody in the company keep in mind that at the end of the day, their work must in one way or another – directly or indirectly – by creating value for the customers, because it is the customers who decide, whether your company will be profitable or not.

We will show you how you can use:

Use Customer Development Strategy to introduce a common language that will enable you to communicate effectively within the company – from the furthest R&D lab to the remotest sales office – in a way, so that everybody is aligned and understand how to support the customer projects from their corner of the organization because the strategy and the priorities are clear to everyone.

This way, you will not only get rid of internal friction between people and departments, but you will also avoid external friction with the customers since everybody is now aligned regarding how the customers should be served.

Attract and Retain Talent

Attract, develop, and retain talented employees.

Without a proactive, energized, and motivated sales force, no ambitious business strategy will succeed. It is imperative to be able to attract and develop the right talented sales professionals, and it is equally important to be able to retain them.

We will train your sales leaders in how to

  • Use value communication and sales performance coaching to set ambitious sales targets with the sales professionals and how to reach them.
  • Train the sales professionals to use their time and energy best and take real ownership of their sales area.

The result is not just a higher revenue but also increased customer satisfaction, which in turn will lead to higher employee satisfaction and retention rate.

True Value and Right Price

Create value and healthy profit to build a sustainable business.

If you want to develop a healthy, profitable, and sustainable business, you need to be able to create value for all the stakeholders in the system – your customers, your company, your employees, and the shareholders. And here, the ability to create true value for the customers is the primary prerequisite for all other value creation in the company.

We will show you how to

  • Uncover and understand the true needs of your customers, enabling them to buy products and services from you that not only create true value for them but also create true value for their customers
  • Adapt the mindset of your sales professionals to include the right mix of strong technical skills, good business acumen, and solid personal and social skills to visualize the value that your products create with the customer

By moving the focus from product and price to value creation, you will be able to secure a higher share of the value creation in the value chain. The results will be a higher share of wallet with the individual customers, higher win rates, when bringing new customers on board, and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately creating more value for all stakeholders in and around your company.