Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ II

Continue your development as a leader. Become a certified Master Practitioner.

What you’ll learn in this program?

On the Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ II, we build on what you have learned on the Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ I, where you were introduced to the toolbox. On the Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ II, the tools are integrated even more profoundly and made your own. You will find that your communication becomes sharper and more effective, regardless of whom you are facing, and you unconsciously follow along in a conversation on several levels.

The goal of the Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ II is that you, in interaction with others, gain the skills needed to create the results and achievements you want. The key to the Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ II, is that you can naturally implement and develop your skills.

Talent modelling project

As a part of the program, you will devise a modeling project to demonstrate your ability to decode others’ mental success strategies. The aim of the project is to use all of the PLP™ tools and skills and integrate them as a natural part of your life.


Module 1: Advanced Charisma Discovery

  • Leading your own state: Your intuition as a personal strength.
  • Finding your personal core and coming across as authentic.
  • Metaphors: Discover the positive effect of using metaphors in storytelling.
  • Design of visions and visionary collaboration.

Module 2: Advanced Motivation Design

  • Motivation: How to motivate yourself and others.
  • Influence through dynamic and advanced language patterns.
  • Communication on three levels with a particular focus on efficient non-verbal communication.
  • Efficient communication one-on-one and to large crowds.

Module 3: Advanced Talent Modelling

  • Talent Modelling: Learning from successful people with unique skills.
  • Techniques to performance coaching.
  • Human success criteria.
  • Concrete tools to boost the performance of others.

Module 4: Advanced Leadership

  • Leadership: Finding your authentic leadership style to facilitate change processes in yourself and others.
  • Effective persuasion and negotiation techniques.
  • Presentation: How to reach your audience and give them a memorable experience.
  • Learning to use your voice and be heard.

Dates Overview:

Module 1: Personal Leadership

October 3. – 6, 2023

Module 2: Personal Communication

December 12. – 15, 2023

Module 3: Personal Coaching

March 19. – 22, 2024

Module 4: Personal Selling

June 18. – 21, 2024

14 days (4 Modules, each of 3½ days spread over one year.) At Acuity World in Holte, Denmark

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PLP™ Master Practitioner and NLP™ Master Practitioner

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Before the education:

  • Personal learning goals
  • Virtual personal interview (1 hour
Online Training


You get to know your fellow students well during the program, and you get the opportunity to build strong professional networks consisting of leaders from both the public and private sectors. A professional network is an important part of your development as a leader.

Personal Leadership – PLP™ III & IV

After Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ II, you have the opportunity to become a Business Coach and a Professional Coach & Mentor.


Your teachers will be a team of high certified Transformational Facilitators and Professional Coaches with broad practical and theoretical experience in the field of sales and leadership. You will be learning from people with great insight into organizational management and with over 25 years of experience.

Henrik Wenøe

CEO, Executive Coach & Trainer

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Liselotte Pedersen

Trainer & Business Coach

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Pia Claudine Sørensen, Senior Advisor