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Facilitated Video Workshops 

With Beyond Selling Facilitated Video Workshops, you will get tools & professional feedback from one of Acuity World’s certified trainers or a Sales Leader in your company who has been training in our PSP program.

Strengthen your skills in your sales work

Beyond Seling – Facilitated Video Workshops are a part of our Transformative Sales Enhancement, where you can further hone the skills gained through our Personal Sales Program – PSP. The Facilitated Video Workshops are part of our online sales training.

Transformative Sales Enhancement consists of two programs – Beyond Selling – Facilitated Video Workshops and Beyond Selling – Global Master Classes. These two can be combined for best results or can be taken separately. 

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Facilitated Video Workshops

Beyond Selling – Facilitated Video Workshops is led by Acuity World Master Trainers Joseph Riggio and Henrik Wenøe.

Upon viewing the engaging video content, you will be guided by one of Acuity World’s certified trainers.  A possibility could also be that your Sales Leader, who has been trained in the tools, can gradually take over the facilitation of these workshops over time.

This unique approach seamlessly blends the expertise of our Master Trainers with the personalized support of a Certified Trainer, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

The workshop consists of 10 sessions, one each month, with approximately 2.5 hours. Each lesson is two videos focused on you and a specific topic.

The best possible result

What makes Transformative Sales Enhancement unique is that there is no ceiling on your learning – the outcome of your training depends only on you and the commitment you bring! If you are committed, you can practice what you learned on the job and achieve the highest possible learning.

The learning pyramid shows that the most effective learning occurs when what is learned is used in practice. If you get involved and train the tools you are introduced to, you also get the best conditions for having constructive discussions with our Master Trainers afterward.

The Learning Pyramid, NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science.

Get the best learning through our combined training

By combining Beyond Selling – Facilitated Video Workshops with Beyond Selling – Global Master Classes, you can accelerate your learning, develop your skills, and optimize your sales performance.

You can put what you learn at the Facilitated Video Workshop into practice before you share any challenges with our Master Trainers for Global Master Classes.

You will receive answers and personal coaching from one of our certified trainers to solve the real challenges you encounter in your working environment.

The monthly topics

You can learn even more from other sales leaders like yourself by listening to the others’ cases in Beyond Selling – Global Master Classes, which will be held after you have gone through a Beyond Selling – Facilitated Video workshop.

The monthly topics are:

  • Clear purpose/clear mind (January)
  • Closing the trust gap (February)
  • Setting the stage for success (March)
  • Gathering the gold (April)
  • Mind reading for your sales professionals (May)
  • Turning on your customers’ desire (June)
  • Before, between & beyond words (August)
  • Building agreement with integrity (September)
  • Instant understanding (October)
  • Creating profound satisfaction (November)

Will our training and programs be a good fit for your organization?

Join a two-hour online Beyond Selling – Global Master Class and learn how our sales and leadership training can impact your organization.

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