Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ IV

PLP™ IV enables you to become a certified PLP™ Professional Coach & Mentor according to international standards.

Now you go one step further and bring your skills into play in your interactions with your colleagues or others.

You will be tasked with developing a program for others to learn from you. It can be in the form of a course, a book, or an article series… The choice is yours.

The purpose is to manifest what you have learned and specialized in. We work in the same way as on the Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ III, so that you continue with a personal coach who follows you and supports the development of your specific project.

On PLP™ IV you work with:

  • Your own project: Use your skills so others can learn from you.
  • Personal impact: You strengthen your ability to sell your management ideas to your organization.
  • Facilitation: You become a facilitator in relation to your colleagues and employees.
  • Competence: You work towards becoming unconsciously competent to reflect on what you do right in a given situation.
  • Coaching: You will become a Personal Leadership Program II assistant trainer. At the same time, you receive coaching between each module.

Certification requirements for PLP™ Transformation facilitator 

After you have completed PLP™ I, II, and III and followed a PLP™ II team, you can become a certified PLP™ Transformation Facilitator. Certification is based on completing your PLP™ IV project and participating as a leader in 6 virtual training sessions. The purpose of the PLP™ IV project is to manifest your learning on PLP™ IV in a book, an article, a course, or something else that fully demonstrates that you have integrated the material.

Certification requirements for PLP™ Professional Coach and Mentor

You can become a certified PLP™ Professional Coach & Mentor with the right to call yourself an Executive Mentor & Advisor. What it requires is, in addition to the above, 750 hours of documented coaching.


You get to know your fellow students well during the program, and you get the opportunity to build strong professional networks consisting of leaders from both the public and private sectors. A professional network is an important part of your development as a leader.


Dates overview:

Module 1: Personal Leadership

March  12. – 15, 2024

Module 2: Personal Communication

June 18. – 21, 2024

Module 3: Personal Coaching

October 8. – 11, 2024

Module 4: Personal Selling

December 10. – 13, 2024

14 days (4 Modules, each of 3½ days spread over one year.) At Acuity World in Holte, Denmark

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Certified PLP™ Transformator Facilitator or Professional Coach and Mentor

Early bird discount

Get a 5% discount when signing up two months before start-up.


VAT not included in the price


Before the education:

  • Personal learning goals
  • Virtual personal interview (1 hour
Online Training


Your teachers will be a team of high certified Transformational Facilitators and Professional Coaches with broad practical and theoretical experience in the field of sales and leadership. You will be learning from people with great insight into organizational management and with over 25 years of experience.

Henrik Wenøe

CEO, Executive Coach & Trainer

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Liselotte Pedersen

Trainer & Business Coach

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Pia Claudine Sørensen, Senior Advisor