Customer Development Strategy

A strategic concrete tool for creating a healthy and sustainable business

Customer Development Strategy is a part of the Personal Selling Program – PSP™ Online program.

The PSP™ online program includes the followings:

  1. Customer Development Strategy
  2. The Hunter Program
  3. Virtual Customer Meetings
  4. Transformative Sales Meeting
  5. Beyond Selling

Customer Development Strategy

Customer Development Strategy is a meta-strategic tool for you to effectively develop strategies for finding new customers and developing customers to become your activists.  This program will explain why it is a key to success in buidling a healthy, sustainable business. 

Customer Development Strategy

Most companies have a marketing budget. But how many companies have a customer development budget?

Although there is a common understanding that it costs 4 to 10 times more to acquire a new customer (Customer Acquisition – Hunting) than to keep an existing one (Customer Development – Farming), most companies do not have a healthy balance between them.

In addition, they may also overlook the importance of developing satisfied, loyal customers into an “activist” – an active promoter for your business because they get great value from you and are excited to be your customers.

The structure of this program

This Customer Development Strategey program has 5 short videos – each last from 4 min. to 18 min. It includes an introduction video and 4 videos explaining the Customer Development Strategy.

There is a exercise for you following each video. Ensure you take time to do the exercise after watching the video.

We recommend you run the whole training program step-by-step to get an overview of the whole process. Then you can go back to revisit the individual step as needed when you are doing your daily sales work.

We are confident that you will be inspired to create positive development in your business when you put these ideas and strategies into play.

 You can learn more from the book “The Positive Activist – How to attract and develop loyal customers” by Henrik Wenøe and Jesper Lemmich.


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Customer Development Strategy is a part of PSP™ Online Complete 2.0

  • Customer Development Strategy
  • The Hunter Program
  • Virtual Customer Meeting
  • Transformative Sales Meeting
  • Beyond Selling

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Your trainers

Your trainers is a team of highly certified Transformational Facilitators and Professional Coaches with broad practical and theoretical experience in sales and leadership. You will be learning from people with great insight into organizational management and with over 25 years of experience.

Henrik Wenøe

CEO, Executive Coach & Trainer

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Dr. Joseph Riggio

International Leadership Consultant, Coach and Trainer

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