Key to Sustainable Growth in
B2B Sales in 2024

Are you a sales or marketing leader aiming to achieve outstanding results with your team? Join us for a 50-minute webinar designed to show you how to catapult your leadership skills to new heights.

You can choose to participate in one of the following dates:

  • Monday, February 12, from 8 am to 8.50 am CET
  • Monday, February 26, from 3.30 pm to 4.20 pm CET
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We don’t want to waste your time. Therefore, it is important that you work with sales and leadership at a high level. We reserve the right to decline individuals if we believe that they may not be the right fit for this webinar.

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Your Key Takeaways


Empower and Motivate

Discover dynamic techniques to lead and inspire your team, fostering an environment of high performance


Targeting Excellence

Master the art of identifying and focusing your efforts on the right customers to maximize results, ensuring you avoid wasting time and energy on the wrong prospects.


Enhanced Sales Techniques

Equip your sales force with the skills to listen effectively and ask impactful questions


Positive Organizational Energy

Transition from the ‘Burning Platform’ approach to a ‘Burning Desire’ strategy, infusing positivity and drive into your team and your customers.


Customer-Centric Leadership

Shift your focus towards a more customer-centric leadership approach, enhancing both satisfaction and loyalty.


Boosting Satisfaction and Performance

Understand how to simultaneously increase customer and employee satisfaction, leading to sustainable performance and healthy profits.

Free webinar for Sales Proffesionals

Meet your Master Trainer

Henrik Wenøe, CEO and Master Trainer at Acuity World, brings over two decades of expertise to the forefront. Throughout the past +20 years, he has dedicated himself to training and coaching thousands of Sales and Marketing professionals in the realms of personal leadership and effective personal selling strategies.

Henrik will guide you through this engaging session, providing opportunities for clarifying questions and a deeper understanding. Don’t miss this opportunity to redefine your leadership approach and experience the transformative power of our Personal Leadership Program – PLP.