Virtual Customer Meeting Online + Global Master Class + e-Handbook – Specielt tilbud

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Succesfulde virtuelle møder kræver andre kompetencer end fysiske møder. Hvis du kan afholde virtuelle møder på det højeste niveau, kan de skabe enestående resultater for din virksomhed. Virtual Customer Meeting Online Program har til formål at give dig en struktur, strategi og kommunikations værktøj for at maksimere værdiskabelsen i dine virtuelle kundemøder, uanset om møder handler om markedsføring eller salg.

Dette Online Kursus + Global Master Class foregår på engelsk! Du har mulighed for at tilføje danske undertekster. 

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Engage, build trust and make sales

Learn how to run productive and effective virtual customer meetings!

This is what you get from our online program:

  • Strategies to prepare, conduct and follow-up on your virtual meetings.
  • Improved verbal and nonverbal virtually communication skills.
  • Help to master all the technical aspects.
  • Tips to engage and lead your customers towards common goals.
  • Proven methods to create both commitment and compliance with your customers.
  • Strategies to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Structure of the program

The Virtual Customer Meeting Program consists of 10 video lessions of teaching, which will effectively enhance your customer meetings. Each lession have a length of 15-30 minutes, followed by exercises to help you learn, how to use the given tools in your meetings.

Table of content

  • Virtual Customer Meetings - A necessity or opportunity?
  • Get to know the technical before you start
  • Clarify the purpose of the meeting for you & the customer
  • Setting the frame for the meeting
  • The meta-structure of a good meeting
  • Effective virtual communication - both verbal and nonverbal
  • Manage meeting interaction and motivate engagement
  • Ending the meeting right
  • Effective meeting follow-up protocal


Dr. Joseph Riggo - Master Coach & Trainer and Author, ABTI | Joseph Riggio International

Henrik Wenøe - CEO, Exe. Coach & Master Trainer at Acuity World

The package includes a Global Master Class (2 hours on Zoom, 1 session)

Global Master Class Date: 28. juni 2021 (kl.13:00 - 15:00) eller kl.19:00 - 21:00 på zoom.

Global Master Class is a live discussions with our master trainers Joseph Riggio and Henrik Wenøe. As a participant you will be invited to share the challenges you have encountered in your virtual customer meetings. The Master Class will focus on strengthening your skills by giving you the personal support you need to overcome the challenges you have faced. In addition to suggestions from our master trainers, you will also get advice and experiences of other participants. In this way, the course can also prepare you for future challenges by listening to other participants. The more active you are the more you get out of the Master Class. Read more about our Global Master Classes here.