Virtual Customer Meeting Handbook – Specielt tilbud

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Vil du engagere dine kunder, opbygge deres tillid og sælge virtuelt? Med denne e-Handbook får du brugbare værktøjer til at afholde produktive og effektive virtuelle kundemøder.

Denne e-handbook er på engelsk.

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Welcome to the Virtual Customer Meetings handbook

The coronavirus pandemic has forced changes in the way we communicate. It’s clearly evident that we cannot communicate in the same way as we did before. Namely, we cannot sit together, look at each other, talk and listen to each other, or even feel the connection with each other as we do when we’re present in the same physical space.

Social distancing constrains us to meet each other virtually instead of face-to-face. By doing that, this rich three-dimensional sensory experience becomes a meager two-dimensional VA-only experience (Visual & Auditory).

This change is radical. It creates challenges, as we humans are not built to communicate this way! Therefore overcoming these challenges is a must. Learning these new skills and adapting to the new behavior are the keys to resilience and success in communicating with each other.

This handbook serves as a complementary manual for the online program – Virtual Customer Meeting.


Table of contents

  • Virtual customer meetings - a necessity or opportunity?
  • Get to know the technicalities before you get started
  • Clarify the purpose of the meeting for you and the customers
  • Setting the frame for an efective meeting
  • The meta-structure of a good meeting
  • Effective virtual communication – both verbal and nonverbal
  • Engage your meeting participants
  • End the meeting right
  • Effective meeting follow-up protocol
  • Keep getting better all the time
  • Resources and inspiration