Do what you do best – Volume 2


Do what you do best! – The New NLP™ book

By Henrik Wenøe & Dr. Joseph Riggio

It’ s all about a new form of leadership; a form of leadership that is based on what works rather than on problems! It takes the ability to lead yourself as its starting point, enabling you to lead others based on the people they are! The material that we introduce here is based on the experiences that we at Acuity World have gained while instructing leaders and employees at some of the largest Danish and foreign companies in the art of leading from a personal perspective using New NLP™. The book consists of two volumes and three parts


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BOOK 1 contains part 1 and introduces the New NLP™ concept, its foundation and development. Buy volume 1 here:

BOOK 2 consists of parts 2 and 3. Part 2 introduces the tools that are necessary if you are to become excellent at leading yourself and others; part 3 presents a range of unique methods and applications written by Joseph Riggio in which everything is brought into play! This is the first time that Joseph’s work has been published in Danish. Thus, part 3 gives you exclusive insight into these excellent ideas and training methods. It is entirely up to you how competent you become at mastering New NLP™ in practice. The question is not whether training is required, but how good do you want to be…? Therefore, this book is bristling with exercises that will see you well on your way!

Enjoy the read and your training