Do what you do best – Volume 1

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4 steps to personal leadership with New NLP™

By Henrik Wenøe & Jesper Lemmich


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4 steps to personal leadership with New NLP™

In the old industrial society a good leader was a steady hand on the tiller; a self-taught captain who mobilised both experience and professional skill to steer his company through the rocky waters that appeared at regular and predictable intervals. This leadership strategy no longer works. The modern information society is chaotic and capricious – yet bursting with wxciting opportunities for a new type of leader with the ability and inner calm required to stand firm in the eye of the storm and navigate the ship safely into port.

In recent years, many exciting theories have emerged. All provide suggestions of ways in wich to handle your leadership style so that you are prepared for the challenges you will meet in the information society. “Do what you do best! (BOOK 1)- 4 steps to personal leadership with New NLP” strikes a completely new note. As far as we are concerned, the central concept is personal leadership – the ability to lead yourself so that you are able to lead others based on the people the are. The material in this book is based on the experience we have gained over the years in Acuity World, teaching leaders and employees – from som of the largest Danish and foreign enterprises – the art of personal leadership with New NLP™.

“Do what you do best! (BOOK 1)- 4 steps to personal leadership with New NLP™” is for you if you wish to be successful in leading yourself and others in an ever more complex world; a world that requries quick and precise decisions and expects you to be able to maintain you abilty to take decisions, even in times of crisis.