Beyond Selling – Global Master Classes | Instant understanding

kr. 1.000,00 pris ekskl. moms

Monday, October 31, 2022 live at Zoom with Dr. Joseph Riggio and Henrik Wenøe

Attend from 7pm-9pm live at Zoom

How to know yourself and understand others deeply? It has been said that all business is personal, and in many ways this is never more true than in the space of professional selling where you are connecting person to person to arrive at common ground and mutual agreements with others – in this workshop you will have the opportunity to examine your personal values and how the shape and influence your relationships, as well as how to operate to add value to every interaction you have with others.


Strengthen your skills and create even greater value for your customers

By participating in our Beyond Selling – Global Master Classes, you get new inspiration and knowledge on how to work better with your potential customers and all your existing customers so you get even more Positive Activists.

Each month we work with a specific theme that ensures that you gain new knowledge. At the same time there will be an opportunity to get professionel mentoring on specific cases and challenges from our master trainers Dr. Joseph Riggio and Henrik Wenøe.

Beyond Selling – Global Master Class is held on the last Monday of each month with a length of 2 hours live at Zoom, which makes it convenient and easy for you.