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 Sales Training

With Dr. Joseph Riggio and Henrik Wenøe

At Acuity World, we have worked with Personal Sales for more than 15 years. Up to now, we have primarily done this as internal and tailor-made courses for companies. Now we have chosen to offer part of our PSP program as an 2 open courses the first week of February 2020.

You can register for one or both courses according to the level of your ambition and wishes.

Amongst others we have done sales training for following companies:

“Where you put your attention you’ll get your results.” – Joseph Riggio

If there a relativity universal agreement about performance improvement it would go something like this:

The challenge with this seemingly simple formula for success is keeping your focus where it needs to be, while you executing and updating. That a lot to keep up with for most of us.

When you add in the complication of multiple people with multiple agendas the stakes go into the stratosphere! Yet this is exactly the scenario every time someone is trying to sell, persuade or influence others.

Part 1: The PSP Planner 

Date: 3th & 4th of February 2020.

We gave therefore put together a simple tool that makes it as easy as possible for anyone who wants or needs to improve their performance in selling, persuading and influencing others, and we want to show you not only how to use it, but how to breakthrough to new levels of performance and success regardless of your standing point.

Whether you are a sales professional, business leader or anyone who needs to ensure that you get your results with others our new planning tool, and the specific implementation techniques we will share with you, will make that possible with much less effort than you might imagine.

In the first two days we will be presenting the planning tool in detail. It is  designed to allow you to discover what is most important in the mind of whomever you need to sell, persuade or influence in a proven, step-by-step way. Literally by following the path laid out in the planner, you will uncover the triggers for success in selling, persuading and influencing others successfully.

The planner is the one thing you need to plan your schedule, record all the important information you gather, and design a specific plan to implement at each step along the way. Because you’ll be keeping everything in one place you’ll never lose track of where you are, or be at a loss with regard to where you are going in the process of getting your outcomes with others.

These two days will transform the way you currently think about selling, persuading and interacting permanently. What is most important about these first two days though is that they will cement in the behaviors you need and what to have to significantly improve your success with others.

PSP™ Meeting Book

Included in the price

  • Help you get more productive meetings with your clients.
  • Remind you to fully understand your clients desires & needs.
  • Help you profile your clients & create more activist.
  • Help you create winning solutions & more business.
  • Support you create higher customer satisfaction & loyalty.

Part 2: The PSP Deep Process Tools

Date: 5th, 6th & 7th of February 2020.

In the three days following the overview and training on how to use the PSP Planner, we will dig into the PSP Deep Process tools. This will be a smaller, more advanced and intense training for people who want to take things to the next level and beyond in selling, persuading and influencing others. Specifically we’ll be sharing the language patterns and techniques of master Sales Professionals, Leaders, Persuaders and Influencers from what we have learned from and about them over the past thirty years of working with these elite performers.

Our approach to developing deep skills is based in decades of personal study and experience in sales, persuasion and influence, as well as training thousands of people in this material. You will learn more than what to say and do when you are selling, persuading and influencing others, you will learn why to do it.

The reason learning the what and why, as well as the how is so critical is because sales, persuasion and influence encounters aren’t scripted events. When you know the what and the why, you will begin inventing your own how in real time when and as you need to perform and succeed.

Of course we will cover the specific patterns so that you acquire deep familiarity with each of them, where to use them and how to implement them conversationally. The ability to remain conversational will be the focus of these three days, because no one wants to feel like they are at the other end of being manipulated against their will. Yet, when we asked many people what they find most uncomfortable about being sold to, or when someone is trying to persuade or influence them, it’s just that … they feel like the other person is trying to manipulate them.

In these three days we will show you how to work with others in a completely ethical way that will leave the experience that you are there to help them. This way of interacting almost immediately builds trust and confidence. From this starting point the interaction becomes a mutual movement towards getting the outcome that is before you.

With these skills in place you will find that you are able to move others through the process of selling, persuading or influencing them becomes remarkably more effortless, and proceeds far more quickly and precisely than would be possible in any other way. By the time these three days are completet you will master these patterns and find yourself using them conversationally, just like we promise.


Dr. Joseph Riggio

Coach, Master Trainer, Scientist & Author, JR International

Joseph works as a transformational change artist, including his work with leaders and entire organizations in international business and professional circles. He also advises single individuals, small groups and teams of people. As a renowned change artist he develops elite performance strategies that align his clients toward moving forward with greater integrity, elegance and aplomb.

Henrik Wenøe

CEO and Master Trainer at Acuity World

Henrik is known for customizing training for managers, leaders and employees in the fields of Leadership, Communication, Sales and Marketing. He unleashes the full potential by focusing on the interaction between the organization and the individual. Henrik is certified NLP™ Trainer from The Society of NLP™ and  the International Association of NLP™.


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If you sign up for any of the trainings you can buy a book set with a 20% discount. A book set includes: “Do what you do best” – Volume 1 + Volume 2 + PSP Pocket Book.

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