PSP Video Workshops
– Oveview of the 10 Video Workshops

Video Workshop 1
To get what you want – You need to know what you want!

BENEFIT TEXT: When you attend this workshop you will gain the insight you need to set powerful intentions for yourself that will produce powerful outcomes with your clients. In addition you will develop the skills you need to lead others to arriving at mutually agreed upon common ground to move forward together.

MARKETING TEXT: When you act with clarity and intention you create an sense of committment that is irresistible to anyone who engages with you. This is the “secret” that distinguishes master sales professionals from those who struggle, they know exactly what they want, what they expect and what to look for with clients … then they know exactly what action to take to get a “YES” every time. The CLEAR PURPOSE, CLEAR MIND will take you deep into the mindset of master sales professionals so you too become irresistibly committed too!

Video 1.1.1
Clear Purpose – Clear mind – Effective actions.

How to define a good purpose for your next meeting.  

Video 1.1.2
Starting Off Right And Creating Momentum In Your Meetings
Re-inforce your meeting by setting a clear frame using YES-set
How to start your meetings in an efficient way

Video Workshop 2
How to make yourself ready and create deep trust fast with others

BENEFIT TEXT: One of the most powerful skills you can possess is the ability to choose an internal state that is centered, calm and confident, in this workshop you will experience exercises that will allow you to access this state for yourself at anytime. You will also learn how to move from this internal state to interacting with others to create a powerful, positive connection with them to gain and deepen trust in your relationship.

MARKETING TEXT: Before you do anything with others you must hold the expectation to succeed yourself, this is really an “inside job.” When you shift your internal state to one that is centered, calm and confident you become the kind of professionals others can and will trust. Join us for our “CLOSING THE TRUST GAP” workshop and we’ll show you exactly how to be this kind of professional that your clients will trust to show them the way forward.

Video 1.2.1a
Centered, Calm and Confident – A Recipe For Success Part 1
Be Prepared for you next meeting

How to be ready for anything – Find your GDS – Parts 1

Video 1.2.1b
Centered, Calm and Confident – A Recipe For Success Part 2
Be Prepared for you next meeting

How to be ready for anything – Find your GDS – Parts 2

Video 1.2.2
Installing Trust: Opening The Door To Effective Communication
Mirroring, Matching, Backtracking & Rapport

How to create instant trust & positive bond with new client
Mirror neurons – how they work

Video Workshop 3

BENEFIT TEXT: How to open the mind of your Customer with your questions
It is common to think that great sales professionals excel at presentation, and while that is often true, what distinguishes the very best sales professionals is their ability to use questions to uncover the information they need to secure a sale, and to create interest in taking action in their client’s mind at the same time – you will develop the ability to use questions in this way in this workshop.

MARKETING TEXT: What’s the ‘master skill’ that all the best sales professionals possess? Most people think it’s the ability to make masterful presentations, and that’s surely important … but, the most successful sales professionals actually depend on their ability to use questions to find out what their customers want and need, and then use that information to motivate them to take action. Learn how to use questions like a master sales professional in the “SETTING THE STAGE FOR SUCCESS” workshop.

Video 1.6.2
Cracking Your Client’s Hidden Communication Code
Meta Model

What has to be true for that to be true??

Video 1.3.2
Gathering What’s Essential To Motivate Clients To Take Action
High Quality Questions – part 1

How to ask closed & open ended questions.

Video Workshop 4
How to get high quality information from you customers

BENEFIT TEXT: Moving your clients from interest to action is one of the main skills you need as a world-class sales professional, in this workshop you will discover exactly how to focus your attention through questions that move your clients through the sales process to wanting to take the action that leads to closing sales consistently.

MARKETING TEXT: Not all questions are created equal, some questions are more equal than others … learn to put your attention on the best questions to ask, the ones that take your customers into the “green” where they are focuses on an expectation of success before they even answer the questions you’re asking them. First we’ll show you how to connect your INTENTION to ATTENTION, so you know where to focus with your clients, and then we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process to get them and keep them in the “green” so they want to get everything you have to offer, in our “GATHERING THE GOLD” workshop.

Video 1.4.1
Keeping Your Eye On The Ball, The Most Important Thing
Intentions versus Attentions

How to become ready to use your Acuity

Video 1.4.2
Step-By-Step Framework For Success

High Quality Questions – part 2

How to ask open questions in “The Green” (PS+, DS++, Process)
Ask open questions in the green

Video Workshop 5
The power of knowing how your customers are thinking

BENEFIT TEXT: Everyone processes information in slightly different ways that are unique to them, and how they do this determines what the information means to them and the decisions they make about how to respond to it, and to take action or not – in this workshop you’ll gain some powerful tools that will allow you to uncover some of the critical distinctions of how your clients process information, and how you can use that knowledge to make your presentations extermely persuasive with them.

MARKETING TEXT: Here’s the simple truth in selling … before your clients say “YES” to you, they have to say “YES” to themselves. When you know how your clients make sense of information that leads them to saying “YES” to themselves you will hear a lot more “YESES” from them too. In the “MIND READING FOR SALES PROFESSIONALS” workshop we’ll uncover the hidden process that people use to process information, so you can use it to get more “YESES” starting immediately!

Video 1.5.2
Gaining Insight Into Your Client’s Internal Thinking Process Part 1
Meta Programs – Part 1


Video 1.5.2
Gaining Insight Into Your Client’s Internal Thinking Process Part 2
Meta Programs – Part 2


Video Workshop 6
How to speak to the deepest drivers of your customers

BENEFITS TEXT: We are all influenced socially in ways that contribute to our understanding of the world we live in, in this workshop you will learn about a system of tapping into the deep, unconscious values that people hold that form the basis of their understanding of reality, so that you can share in their reality with them, and conmmunicate in a way that is instantly understandable to them as well.

MARKETING TEXT: No one is immune to the effect of what others around them think, share and do, because we all operate in a social system of some kind, including all your clients. When you understand how the social values your clients hold shape how they make their decisions to take action, it will become almost effortless for you to tap into those values to help build the motivation you need to move them to take the action you need and want them to take. Let us show you exactly how to use social values in selling in our “TURNING ON YOUR CUSTOMERS DESIRE.”

Video 1.7.2
Social Values That Shape Communication Part 1
The Graves values system Part 1


Video 1.7.2
Social Values That Shape Communication Part 2
The Graves values system Part 2


Video 7
How to make sense and speak the language of your customer

BENEFITS TEXT: Before we translate what we perceive into words and descriptions we experience the world as sensory information – in this workshop you will discover the multiple types of sensory information that your clients use to make representations of the world, and how to shape your communication with them to take advantage of their natural preferences to make it easy for them to understand you, in ways that lead more naturally to agreement too.

MARKETING TEXT: Before we speak we have experiences, and these experiences shape what we speak about and how we use language to describe the world. There’s a hidden language that allows you to know more about your client’s experience than the ordinary way people pay attention could ever know. We’ll reveal that ‘hidden language’ in the “BEFORE, BETWEEN AND BEYOND WORDS” workshop that will change your way of paying attention to how others communicate forever.

Video 1.8.1a
Discovering Your Client’s Private World Part 1
How do you use your senses to perceive the world around you? Part 1   (16:44)

Video 1.8.1b
Discovering Your Client’s Private World Part 2
How do you use your senses to perceive the world around you? Part 2   (12:29)

Video 1.8.2
Discovering Your Client’s Private World Part 3
Representation systems and their use                   


Video Workshop 8
6 proven tactics to getting a yes from others and act ethical

BENEFIT TEXT; A lot of professional selling is helping your clients to see things from a particular perspective that allows them to recognize how what you are offering would be an asset for them to have – in this particular workshop we will explore how to do this without compromising your integrity, or the integrity of others in reaching a common understanding and desire to move forward together.

MARKETING TEXT: It’s not good to be “successful” in convincing your clients to buy from you and take action only to destroy all the work you put into building a relationship with them. Super sales professionals can lead clients to take action that creates mutually rewarding outcomes that make their relationships with clients even stronger! In our “BUILD AGREEMENT WITH INTEGRITY” workshop you’ll gain all the tools you need to sell this way too.

Video 1.11.1
Ethical Influence For Fun And Profit
What is Ethical Influence and how do you do it?


Video 1.9.2
Scientific Persuasion: What We Know That Works
The Cialdini Model – 6 insights into getting a yes


Video Workshop 9
How to know yourself and understand others deeply

BENEFITS TEXT: It has been said that all business is personal, and in many ways this is never more true than in the space of professional selling where you are connecting person to person to arrive at common ground and mutal agreements with others – in this workshop you will have the opportunity to examine your personal values and how the shape and influence your relationships, as well as how to operate to add value to every interaction you have with others.

MARKETING TEXT: At the root of almost everything others and we do are the values we hold, and knowing your own values are the key to success. When you know your deep, personal values you’ll be able to use them to shape your behavior with others, and create more of the outcomes you desire. “INSTANT UNDERSTANDING” is our workshop where you’ll learn to leverage your personal values to create more success with others, and more satisfaction for yourself along the way.

Video 1.7.1
Leveraging Your Personal Values And Beliefs With Others Part 1
Your Personal Values and Relations


Video 1.10.1
Leveraging Your Personal Values And Beliefs With Others Part 2
Personal plus-signals and their use and meaning


Video Workshop 10
How to Create Solutions for yourself and your customer

BENEFITS TEXT: When you know how your clients think and make sense of the world, you know something extremely valuable about how they make decisions too, in this workshop you will gain insight into how your customers make decisions to take action, and how to influence those decisions using both the information you gathered and your client’s unique decision-making process leading to more successful outcomes, more often.

MARKETING TEXT: There’s an old expression, “When the rubber hits the road” meaning putting it all together where it counts most, and in sales this is in your ability to make extraordinary presentations. The basis for this kind of presentation is making it effortless for your customers to understand what you’re presenting, and making your customers feel like you’re in their world when they experience it. Discover the essence of making extraordinary presentations in our “CREATING PROFOUND SATISFACTION” workshop, and learn to step into your customer’s world.

Video 1.11.2
”The Map Is Not The Territory” – Discovering The Territory
Model of the World of the customer and why you want to know it first  (12:28)

Video 1.12.2 A Roadmap To Successful Presentations That Create Powerful Outcomes
The Design of The Solution Experience

How to help the customer to make a decision and move to Action