The Positive Activist (EN)

The Positive Activist – How to attract and develop loyal customers

By Henrik Wenøe & Jesper Lemmich



How to attract and develop loyal customers

Everyone wants their people to focus on their customers and what ultimately provides value to them. This is common sense since it is customers who ultimately decide whether you are profitable or not. If you want to develop a healthy, profitable, and sustainable business, however, it is no longer enough to have satisfied customers – you must have enthusiastic and excited customers. We call these customers your Positive Activists – they cannot help but talk about you to everyone in their network.

With this book in hand, you have received a number of concrete and proven strategies that will help you structure and lead your employees in the creation of Positive Activists and loyal customers. But the book is not just about attracting and developing loyal customers by transforming them into Positive Activists. The underlying philosophy is that you need to know how to attract and develop loyal and committed sales professionals who become Positive Activists themselves.

The way you lead your team will either support or sabotage this development. This book provides a step-by-step guide on leading your sales organization onto the path to creating Positive Activists all around you.

Disclaimer! This book is not for everyone!

This book is only for you who work in companies that create true value for all stakeholders – customers, employees, owners, and the world. In other words – this book is for those who understand that business is more than just business!