Master Class

with Dr. Joseph Riggio

Leadership Mastery™ May 4-5th 2019

About Dr. Joseph Riggio

Dr. Joseph Riggio is a cognitive scientist with deep expertise in transformational communication, decision-
making and non-ordinary cognition. He is the architect and designer of the MythoSelf® Process and the
Soma-Semantics® Model and an international figure in the professional NLP™ and hypnosis communities.
Joseph is also a well-known speaker and the writer on the topics of transformational change, leadership
and elite performance.
Joseph is renowned for the capacity of his insight into what motivates people to action, both personally and
professionally, and his ability to organize the means to articulate the specific messages that will move these
individuals to taking action.
Joseph works as a transformational change artist, including his work with leaders and entire
organizations in international business and professional circles. He also advises single individuals, small
groups and teams of people. As a renowned change artist he develops elite performance strategies that
align his clients toward moving forward with greater integrity, elegance and aplomb.


Are you committed to becoming or remaining an excellent leader?

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by the speed and amount of change that happens around you, you are not alone. When the ground shifts, we all look towards our leader. Uncertainty is the order of the day and chaos is looming for the way forward. What is amazing is how often leaders can step up and make things happen when it’s most critical, despite facing the same challenges as all those around them – this in part is the difference that those who have mastered leadership possess.

The Leadership Mastery™ Master Classes at Acuity World span four years with Dr. Joseph Riggio. Each Master Class covers a vital aspect of leadership mastery:

1. Strategy

2. Communication

3. Performance

4. Action

The power of Acuity World Master Classes are based on two unique things …

First – the way Dr. Riggio works with a group goes beyond just practical learning, meaning not only what you do, but installing the learning directly into your way of being.

Second – each two-day workshop focuses on delivering real-world knowledge and skills that you can apply immediately in your life and your business.


Practical information and fee

Dates: May 4-5th 2019

Hours: Day 1: 9.00-17.00/18.00 Day 2: 10.00-17.00/18.00

Location: Acuity World, Havarthivej 6, 2840 Holte, Denmark

Price: DKK 12.500 plus VAT

Language: English

PLP students can get 50% discount on Master Classes.

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(May 2020): Leadership Mastery - Dynamics of Power.

Uncover the structure of “power dynamics” in human systems, the basis on which teams and groups of people interact, and how to create powerful relationships that conveys results.

(May 2021): Leadership Mastery - Moments of Action.

Find out how to identify the path of least resistance in any human system where you need or want to create results on your own or with others.

(May 2022): Leadership Mastery - Strategic Performance.

Learn how to organize yourself to maintain your focus and make high-quality decisions, while you lead others in creating extraordinary results. Even in the face of insecurity or chaos.

Coming years: Influence Mastery™ Classes:


(Nov. 2019): Influence Mastery - Engaging Ethically

Develop the skill that all Master Influencers share in common, being the ability to ethically engage and enrol others in collaborative relationships and agreements.

(Nov. 2020): Influence Mastery - The Magic of Framing

Get the master skill that all influence rests upon: Framing. Learn the art of framing, reframing, out-framing and more – on the way to getting your results with others.

(Nov. 2021): Influence Mastery - Strategic Influence

FInd out what Master Influencers do to control their communication and with integrity motivate others to create mutually rewarding outcomes, i.e. win-win experiences.

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