Master Class with Dr. Joseph Riggio

November Masterclass: Personal Identity and Positive Activism

November 20, 2021, to november 21, 2021

Price 12.500 DKK ex. VAT

Joseph Riggio

Personal Identity
and Positive Activism

There is tremendous power in establishing a position of profound personal clarity and commitment, in fact it can be argued that all personal accomplishment comes from holding an identity grounded in clarity and commitment. The real key to a life worth living in every way begins with action, and the ability to take action without hesitation or procrastination, around the things that count most of all to you. 

In this masterclass Joseph will walk through the strategies of identifying and installing the kind of profound personal clarity and commitment that lead to the kind of compliance about taking action to create massive results in your life. From there we’ll also look at what it means to be a “Positive Activist” so you can engage, enroll and empower others in supporting the kind of collaborative outcomes that you want to see in the world.

This masterclass will support you in your personal life, relationships, business and social causes that are important for you to take action on to make things happen!

NOTE: As always Joseph will be demonstrating what he’s presenting, including masterful NLP skills, embodying the deep principals and teaching that you’ve come to expect from the Acuity World training team.

“Dr. Joseph Riggio is a cognitive scientist with deep expertise in transformational communication, decision-making and non-ordinary cognition. He is the architect and designer of the MythoSelf® Process and the Soma-Semantics® Model and an international figure in the professional NLP™ and hypnosis communities.
Joseph is also a well-known speaker and the writer on the topics of transformational change, leadership and elite performance.”

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