The Satisfaction Cycle℠

A MythoSelf℠ MasterClass for Leaders and Sales Executives

Create extraordinary business results using the Satisfaction Cycle℠

A masterclass in creating extraordinary results in business using the step-by-step Satisfaction Cycle℠  model of profound transformational change with Dr. Joseph Riggio and Henrik Wenoe. This training is part of a two-week training Camp at Johanneberg Hotel in Vordingbord, Denmark. You can join this week only or attend both.


The Satisfaction Cycle was initially developed by Joseph Riggio as a model for complex selling based on building positive expectation with clients making purchases requiring significant investment and often accompanied by procedural and cultural organizational change.

In this six-day masterclass with Dr. Joseph Riggio and Henrik Wenøe, we’ll cover the essentials of how to use this profoundly powerful model to achieve extraordinary results working with clients in sales, leadership, and team development.

We’ll cover the steps in applying the model to link the four steps required to create transformational outcomes:

1. Connection – building profound rapport with clients based in the excitatory bias
2. Compulsion – creating positive expectation that generates desire and motivation
3. Commitment – establishing clarity and  fundamental agreements about taking action to achieve desired outcomes
4. Compliance – linking action to agreements so that the motivation to achieve the outcome manifests in real results

You’ll gain the ability to apply this model through these four steps in a variety of situations as an executive, business leader, consultant, trainer or coach, from selling to performance improvement to personal mentoring … and much more.

While it sounds, and may seem, like hyperbole to say the applications of The Satisfaction Cycle are boundless in business, the reality is that the limitations are only in your ways of imagining how you will.

Program for the week

Day 1: Introducing the Satisfaction Cycle℠

Joseph & Henrik: Introducing the Satisfaction Cycle as a model of Profound Transformational Change

This will introduce the Satisfaction Cycle and the six days of the masterclass program providing an overview of the Satisfaction Cycle for those who are less familiar with the model and refreshing anyone more familiar with the model on the ways we’ll be thinking about and using it in this masterclass, including the most recent updates and applications.

 Henrik: The Satisfaction Cycle as a Sales Model

What are the distinctions of NLP applied to consulting, and what unique value do consultants bring to organizational clients? We’ll look to the basics of the NLP model the Presuppositions and the structure of process versus content. 

Joseph: The Distinctions of the Excitatory Bias and Positive Expectation

While the Satisfaction Cycle is primarily an applied model used to create extraordinary outcomes with individuals and groups it is also fundamentally neurocognitively grounded. Joseph will share with you the essential neurocognitive ideas that are foundational to the Satisfaction Cycle model and point out how what we’ll be covering will work in application works.

Day 2: The Steps of the Model in Application

Henrik: Looking at the Transition from Red to Green 

The most fundamental and essential consideration of the Satisfaction Cycle model is the transition of thinking from problem-solving to accessing possibility as the basis for creating connection and then creating solutions. Henrik will walk you through this essential idea using the Red to Green model he developed based on the Satisfaction Cycle model.

Joseph: Beginning “In The Green” and Going Beyond Flow℠

A major foundational step in successfully using the Satisfaction Cycle with others is being “in the green” by accessing the excitatory bias to get to and go beyond a Flow state for yourself. Joseph will use and apply the MythoSelf Process℠ with you to show you precisely how to access the GDS | Generalized Desired State yourself and build the somasemantic anchors so you can successfully access this state any time you choose.

Day 3: Building Positive Expectation with Others

Joseph: Experiencing the GDS with others and groups

The first step officially in the Satisfaction Cycle model is developing the P.S.+ | Present State Positive where you establish a profound connection leading to an experience of accessing the excitatory bias and building the basis for positive expectations with others. Joseph will demonstrate and teach you how to lead others to experience the GDS and positive expectations conversationally.

 Henrik: Using the P.S.+ as the Basis for Having a Sales Conversation

One of the most valuable applications of the Satisfaction Cycle is in professional selling, and while you may or may not use the model specifically in professional sales situations everyone has times when they need and want to be influential with others. Henrik will demonstrate how to establish a basis of possibility and positivity using the P.S.+ and show you what to do to get there with others effortlessly.

Day 4: Creating Future Memories

Henrik: Transitioning from the P.S.+ to the D.S.++ | The Desired State
The most powerful aspect of starting “in the green” is that it builds a base for moving to the elicitation of the D.S.++ | The Desired State effortlessly because you will have bypassed the critical faculty that introduces resistance into the conversation. Henrik will demonstrate and provide you with the tools you need to access the D.S.++ conversationally and elegantly.

Joseph: Using Subtle Language to Build Conversational Influence & Persuasion
One of the hidden aspects of the Satisfaction Cycle is the way that it provokes a natural use of the hypnotic protocol in conversational influence and persuasion with others. Joseph will reveal how to set up an intentional context that generates states of compulsion leading to commitment and compliance by closing the gap between the P.S.+ and the D.S.++ using the technique of Time Sliding.

Day 5: The Solution Experience℠


  • Meta Program

Joseph: Moving People with Logic, Emotion, and a Kind of Meticulous Magic
This is where the rubber hits the road in becoming masterfully proficient in applying the Satisfaction Cycle model … the transition from compulsion to commitment and compliance. Up until now we’ve been building the basis for generating the desire and motivation to commit to taking action, now we will move past that to linking the compulsion we’ve built to have the outcome with making a specific agreement that will require action to gain the outcome in actuality. Joseph will show you how to do this will remaining inside the state of Flow and Beyond with others regardless of the application or outcome.

 Explicating Criteria, Evidence Strategy, and the Execution to ACTION!

In order to arrive at the desired outcome, it’s essential to take the action required to realize the intended results and this means building on precise foundations established in the elicitation and connecting that to the agreed upon action to be taken. Henrik will provide you with the way to move past desire to action by setting up the specific steps to getting the outcome with others, including specifying who owns the responsibility to make it happen. 

Day 6: A Little Pixie Dust for Humans

Henrik: Ways to Generalize the Satisfaction Cycle to Get Results with Others
Henrik is a Master Trainer of the MythoSelf Process and the use of the Satisfaction Cycle with clients as a world-class consultant and trainer working with multinational corporate clients all the way to solopreneurs running their own coaching and consulting practices. Today he will share with you his personal insights on the ways of using the Satisfaction Cycle to create extraordinary outcomes in sales, leadership, team development, and personal performance.

  • Performance appraisals
  • Sales leadership tool
  • Meetings
  • Facilitating change in groups

Joseph: Looking Behind The Façade and Mask of Personality
One of the premises of the MythoSelf Process model and the Satisfaction Cycle as an application of the MythoSelf Process is that individuals are unique while often displaying amazing common ways of perceiving, thinking, and expressing themselves. Joseph will introduce you to two additional models within the MythoSelf Process, the Ladder of Perception and NCL | Neurocognitive Levels of Development. These models will take your skills past the ordinary ways most trainers, consultants and coaches think about working with others and refine to a laser-like accuracy in getting outcomes. 

Henrik & Joseph: Summary and Conclusions
Overview of the week and training summarizing the highlights and essential learning.


July 31 - August 5, 2023

6 days

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Johanneberg Hotel, Vordingborg, Denmark

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Meet your Master Trainers

Joseph Riggio, Ph.D., Architect & Designer of the MythoSelf Process and SomaSemantics, NLP Master Trainer. Dr. Joseph Riggio is a cognitive scientist with deep expertise in transformational communication, decision-making and non-ordinary cognition. He is the architect and designer of the MythoSelf® Process and the Soma-Semantics® Model and an international figure in the professional NLP™ and hypnosis communities. Joseph is also a well-known speaker and writer on transformational change, leadership and elite performance. 

    Henrik Wenøe, CEO, Executive Coach & NLP Master Trainer

    Henrik Wenøe specializes in working with Executives & Leaders who want to optimize their performance through training and coaching in Sales, Leadership, Communication, and Coaching. He aims to deliver high-quality, practical & effective skills development to his clients, enabling them to excel professionally and personally. Over the last 20 years, Henrik has trained and coached thousands of business professionals in both private & public sectors through our signature programs: Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ and Personal Selling Program – PSP™

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