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Besides our Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ and Personal Selling Program – PSP™ we offer other sales and leadership training for ambitious individuals or teams. This includes live or online training. Our training is designed to be flexible, so you can choose the training that best fits your needs and schedule.

Others sales and leadership training. Society of NLP™ Consulting Certification Training.
Live Training in Vordingborg, DK August 2024

Society of NLP™ Consulting Certification Training

In these intensive six-days of training, you will develop your leadership presence and deepen your ability to inspire and motivate others to create higher performance and better outcomes. Gain the skills that develop world-class teams that can act creatively and collaboratively to achieve and exceed all expected results. Become an elite professional communicator who commands attention, builds effective agreements, and gets others to take needed action

Others sales and leadership training, Global Master Classes
Online Learning

Beyond Selling – Global Master Classes

Improve Your Performance. By participating in our Beyond Selling – Global Master Classes, you’ll get new inspiration and knowledge on how to work better with your potential customers and all your existing customers, so you get even more Positive Activists – i.e., clients who want to promote you even beyond the reach of their own organization to others in there sphere of influence.

Others sales and leadership training, Online Sales Training
Online Learning

Online Sales Training

Learn here and now! Our online sales training programs can effectively improve your sales skills and increase your success in the field. With the right program, you can learn at your own pace, gain valuable insights and techniques, and ultimately achieve greater sales success.

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