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Leadership Training at your organization

Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ Executive

Are you leading a high performance team?

We customize our Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ Executive specifically to your situation and requirements. Through intensive training, we take you on a journey that will create lasting development in your leadership and your management team.

Below is a list of some of the skills that you will be able to incorporate in your PLP™ Executive:

Personal Leadership
  • Focus your and others’ attention on your personal strengths and take advantage of the full potential of your management team
  • Learn to motivate yourself and others at a deeper level
  • Strengthen your Personal Power and make the right decisions – simply and quickly
  • Acquire methods for setting pure and clear goals, achieving them and creating significant results
  • Learn how to avoid stress and create balance in yourself and in others
  • Identify your own authentic leadership style and become a leader with direction and clout
  • Personal Branding – become known for what you want!

Personal Comunication

    • Strengthen your ability to exert influence on others through communication
    • Learn to target your communication at individuals and increase your impact
    • Strengthen your acuity, and master both verbal and non-verbal
    • Gain insight into your own and others’ thought structures and make others buy into your messages
    • Learn how to motivate others through your communication

Personal Coaching

  • Learn how to apply a coaching approach to your leadership of yourself and others
  • Acquire coaching tools to enhance your employees’ performance
  • Boost your Personal Creativity and acquire specific tools to think along new lines – and act!
  • Acquire methods for enabling your employees to achieve more than expected

Personal Selling

  • Learn how your personal leadership and communication affect others
  • Increase your ability to create good relations, both within your organization and externally
  • Learn how to use your personal influence to make others buy into your ideas and products
  • Learn to identify others’ buying strategies and how to activate these

Our Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ Executive is available in three different versions: Silver, Gold and Platinum. You can choose the package that suits your needs.


Silver - 6 months

  • 2 seminars
  • 4 personal mentoring/coaching sessions
  • 2 Reality checks
  • Personal Leadership app
  • Book set
  • 1 Acuity TALKS™

Gold - 12 months

Platinum - 18 months

Depending on the specific content of the program, credits can be granted for one or more of the modules on our Personal Leadership Program – PLP™.



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