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Personal Selling Program – PSP™ 

Our Personal Selling Program – PSP™ is one of our most successful programs. It’s an in-house sales training course that we customize specifically to your company.  The aim of the course is to enhance the individual person’s skills in communication (within the company and with customers), motivation and leadership. PSP™’s objective is to ensure that your organization’s sales force acquires the personal and social skills required to generate the sales results and performance you desire.


Through intensive training, we take you on a journey that will create lasting development in your sales. 

Starting with what it works!

Start by asking your customer what already works for him and then ask him how he thinks he might improve it so that it works even better. This is much better than starting with the things that don’t work, as is the case in traditional sales models.

Our Personal Selling Program – PSP™ is based on a new sales model: The Satisfaction Cycle® created by our American partner and Master Trainer Dr. Joseph Riggio using cutting-edge neuroscience and linguistics research on persuasion and influence, based on research with sales professionals who were at the very top of the field in high-ticket sales.

Generate lasting development

The Personal Selling Program – PSP™ generates lasting development for your salespeople. All theories and sales models are converted into practical experience so that everything the participants learn develops into skills.

Apart from increasing sales, salespeople develop a mindset that also has a positive effect within the organization. The sales model can be applied across the organization, in all functions, regardless of whether your employees sell products or ideas.

Based on the strength you have

The program is based on the strengths that are already present in your company. Both companies and individuals perform best by building on what works instead of what doesn’t. From this starting point, we realize the individual’s full potential and create results.


We customize training to your needs

No companies are identical. Therefore, we always begin our training courses with an introductory workshop. The aim of this is to familiarize ourselves with your current situation in order for us to make the best possible program for your needs. This is also where we agree on the precise implementation process.


Features of an Implementation Plan

An implementation plan will typically feature the following: 

  • Ensure that you have the best possible sales strategy that supports your company’s general strategy
  • Identify what already works today in relation to the strategy
  • Develop a specific program that matches your requirements
  • Implement and carry out the specific sales training program
  • Follow up

Results and references

The Personal Selling Program –  PSP™ is one of Acuity World’s most popular products, and over the past 15 years we have facilitated sales training in both Danish and foreign organizations of all sizes and across all fields. The companies include Radiometer and Leica Biosystems.



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