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Personal Leadership Program - PLP™ I

Create extraordinary performance for yourself and others


Do you have the skills required to be an excellent leader? At Acuity World, we believe that successful leaders have the personal and social skills that make them capable of converting theoretical skills into actual results.

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Acuity World Training Centre, Havarthivej 6, 2840 Holte


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We starts with what works!

On PLP™ I, we focus primarily on your personal resources and how you can easily access them when you need to. After that, you will be able to form strong and healthy relationships with others.

On PLP™ I,  our goal is to teach you the skills you need to create the results and performance you want. You will learn how to lead yourself and others efficiently by strengthening your skills in particular three categories: Personal Power, Personal Creativity, and Personal Influence. Through this program, you will get a much clearer idea of what you want in your life and you will learn to set well-defined goals for yourself. Furthermore, you will acquire the ability to communicate even more effectively.

Benefits you will get

  • Learn how to motivate yourself and others at a deeper level.
  • Focus on your personal strengths and unleash your full potential
  • Find your ”best state” and strengthen your personal skills.
  • Learn how to prioritize and set the right goals for your leadership – and reach them!
  • Strengthen your personal power and make the right decisions – fast and simple.
  • Learn how to avoid stress and to create balance in yourself and your employees.

Benefits your organisation will get

  • You get a leader with concrete and directly applicable leadership skills.
  • A leader who learns self-leadership, so he / she takes the right decisions faster and is able to execute.
  • A leader who engages and motivates his / her employees at a deeper level.
  • A leader who is able to think and act creatively when unpredictable situations arise.
  • A leader who can attract others buy his / her ideas and products


Program Structure

Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ I consists of 4 modules of 3½ days, one or more Master Classes of 2 days and 5 Training Sessions. The 5 training evenings are mandatory if you want your certification. On the last day of module 4, you must complete and pass a written evaluation and a practical test of in the material you have learned.

Training Method

On Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ I we convert theories into to practical experience. During the program you will gain access to and strengthen your personal and authentic style as a leader and you will acquire concrete tools that you can implement right away. Our basic work methods are based on New NLP™ and through the last 15 years we have made our participants capable of creating extraordinary results.


Target group

Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ I is targeted at executives, managers and everyone else with the desire to achieve the very best in their professional or private lives. PLP™ I is for you if you consider the development in your personal leadership to be paramount in taking you where you want to go.


When you have completed this program you will receive one of the certificates below, depending on which PLP-package you have:

  • PLP™ Practitioner certificate from the International Association of Personal Leadership – IAOPL™
  • NLP™ Practitioner certificate from the Society of NLP™ (Gold + Platinum)

Module 1:

Personal Leadership
  • Learn how to motivate yourself and others on a deeper level.
  • Learn how to set clear goals, how to reach them and how to create remarkable results.
  • Learn how to avoid stress and create balance in yourself and your employees.
  • Find your own authentic leadership style, and create a leadership with direction and impact

Module 2:

Personal Communication
  • Learn how to target your communication and attain better impact.
  • Strengthen your acuity and gain full access to your non-verbal communication.
  • Gain insight into you own and others’ thought structures – and make others buy in in your messages.

Module 3:

Personal Coaching
  • Acquire coaching tools to boost the performance of your employees.
  • Boost your creativity and acquire specific tools to think along new lines.
  • Acquire methods for enabling your employees to achieve more than expected.

Modul 4:

Personal Influence & Selling
  • Strengthen your ability to create strong relationships with both customers and employees.
  • Learn how to use your personal influence to make others buy into your ideas and products.
  • Learn to identify others’ buying strategies and how to activate these

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