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Personal Leadership Program - PLP™ IV

Create extraordinary performance for yourself and others


Advance your Personal Leadership and become a Professional Coach & Mentor

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3. marts 2020

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Acuity World Training Centre, Havarthivej 6, 2840 Holte


DKK 45.950 ex. VAT

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With this program, you take another step and demonstrate your skills to your colleagues or others. You will be assigned to develop a program so that other people can learn from you. Your program can be shaped as course, a book, a series of articles or anything else you can think of. The choice is yours! The purpose is to manifest your learning and the topic you have chosen to specialize in. The program is designed like Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ III, which means you will continue to work with a personal coach to monitor you and support the development of your project.

After completing PLP™ IV you are qualified to be certified as a PLP™ Professional Coach & Mentor by international standards.

PLPTM IV focus points:

  • Your own project: Use your skills to teach others.
  • Personal impact: Strengthen your ability to sell your leadership ideas to your organization.
  • Facilitation: You become a facilitator to your colleagues and employees.
  • Competency: Your goal is to become excellent – what we call unconscious competence – and able to reflect on the things you unconsciously do right in any given situation.
  • Coaching: You become an assistant trainer on Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ II. At the same time you are coached between each module.

Certification Requirement - PLP™ Transformance Facilitator

After completing PLP™ I, II and III as well as attending PLP™ II as an assistant trainer, you have the opportunity to be certified as a PLP™ Transformation Facilitator. The certification requires that you have completed your PLP™ IV-project and that you have facilitated 5 training sessions. The aim of your PLP™ IV-project is to manifest the skills you required on PLP™ IV by creating a book, an article, a course or somethings that shows that you have fully integrated the material.

Certification Requirement - PLP™ Professional Coach & Mentor

You also have the opportunity to become a certified PLP™ Professional Coach & Mentor with the right to use the title Executive Mentor & Advisor. In addition to the aforementioned requirements you will need 750 hours of documented coaching.

Program Structure

Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ IV consists of 4 modules of 3½ days, one or more Master Classes of 2 days and 5 Training Sessions. Through intensive training, we take you on a journey that creates lasting development in your leadership.

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