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Personal Leadership Program - PLP™ II

Create extraordinary performance for yourself and others


Continue the development of your personal leadership skills to lead yourself and others efficiently!

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17. September 2019

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Acuity World Training Centre, Havarthivej 6, 2840 Holte


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On PLP™ II, we build on the skills from PLP™ I. On PLP™ I we introduce you to our toolbox, but on PLP™ II the tools are deeply imbedded and personalized. You will experience how your communication skills become sharper and more efficient and you will start to focus on more levels of conversations.

The aim of the Personal Leadership Program PLP™ is to give you the skills you require to generate the outcomes and performance you desire. The key to PLP™ II is to naturally implement and refine your skills in particularly three areas: Personal Power, Personal Creativity and Personal Influence.

When you have completed this program you will receive one of the certificates below, depending on which PLP package you have bought:


  • PLP™ Master Practitioner certificate from the International Association of Personal Leadership – IAOPL™
  • NLP™ Master Practitioner certificate from the Society of NLP™ – Dr. Richard Bandler

Program Structure

Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ II consists of 4 modules of 3½ days, one or more Master Classes of 2 days and 5 Training Sessions.The 5 trainng sessions are mandatory, if you want to have certification.

Talent Modelling Project

As a part of the program you will devise a modelling project to demonstrate your ability to decode others’ mental success strategies. The aim of the project is use all of the PLP™ tools and skills and integrate them as a natural part of your life.

Target Group

Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ II is targeted at executives, managers and everyone else in the private and public sectors with the desire to achieve the very best in their professional or private lives. PLP™ II is for you if you consider the development of your personal leadership to be paramount in taking you where you want to go.

Teaching Method

On Personal Leadership Program – PLP™ II we convert theories into to practical experience. During the program you will gain access to and strengthen your personal and authentic style as a leader and you will acquire concrete tools that you can implement right away. Our basic work methods are based on New NLP™ and through the last 15 years we have made our participants capable of creating extraordinary results.

Module 1: Advanced Charisma Discovery

  • Leading your own state: Your intuition as a personal strength.
  • Finding your personal core and coming across as authentic.
  • Metaphors: Discover the positive effect of using metaphors in storytelling.
  • Design of visions and visionary collaboration.

Module 2: Advanced Motivation Design

  • Motivation: How to motivate yourself and others.
  • Influence through dynamic and advanced language patterns.
  • Communication on three levels with particular focus on efficient non-verbal communication.
  • Efficient communication one-on-one and to large crowds.

Module 3: Advanced Talent Modelling

  • Talent Modelling: Learning from successful people with unique skills.
  • Techniques to performance coaching.
  • Human success criteria.
  • Concrete tools to boost the performance of others.

Module 4: Advanced Leadership

  • Leadership: Finding your authentic leadership style to facilitate change processes in yourself and others.
  • Effective persuasion and negotiation techniques.
  • Presentation: How to reach your audience and give them a memorable experience.
  • Learning to use your voice and be heard.

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