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You can book one of our coaches to hold a workshop in your company if you want to give your employees inspiration and new ideas for developing their personal and social skills.

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Henrik Wenøe

Director & Executive Coach, Acuity World

Personal Leadership

Personal leadership is basically about becoming conscious of your goals in life and about acquiring the techniques to reach them. It begins with focusing on WHO YOU ARE when you are AT YOUR VERY BEST and WHAT YOU WANT.

The workshop is targeted at leaders, managers and other professional people with a desire to be able to motivate themselves and others to achieve the very best.

Personal leadership is often the dimension in which you are able to convert your theoretical skills into practice. This workshop will give you an insight into the subject of personal leadership and some practical tools that you can use right away.

Personal Communication

Communication is much more than the spoken word, and when you are in the company of others you cannot “not communicate”. You constantly send out signals to your surroundings through your behavior, and your signals are constantly interpreted, either consciously or unconsciously, by other people.

The greater the correlation between your words, tone of voice and body language, the greater your personal credibility, charisma and impact will be.

This workshop gives you an insight into some communication tools that can boost your personal charisma and your ability to reach your goals with and through others.

Personal Coaching

Over the past few years, coaching has become increasingly popular and the word “coaching” covers a broad spectrum of methods for helping people and organizations achieve their goals.

All familiar coaching models have that in common that they are based on “The Present” (the current situation) and “The Goal”, whereas most therapeutic models, headed by Freud’s psychoanalysis, are based on the past. In other words, coaching is about asking the following key questions:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where are you aiming for?
  • What do you need to do?



Personal Selling

This workshop is for everyone with a job that involves selling, whether it’s an actual sales job or a job in which you will benefit from being able to sell your ideas or products to other people, such as your colleagues, business contacts, customers, employees or managers.

This workshop will introduce you to a new sales model, based on a new and fundamentally different paradigm, which will support you in achieving success in the knowledge society in which we live today. You will hear about tomorrow’s sales model!

In the videos below, you can experience our coaches in action (in Danish).

For further information, please contact us on +45 44 48 69 69 or send an email to

Customer Development Strategy

Most companies have a marketing budget. But how many have a budget for customer development? Henrik Wenøe shares his view on why your business will benefit from balancing these budgets. Hear how you can work strategically, tactically and functionally in a way that not only supports the acquisition of new clients but also generates more loyal customers. This will benefit your top and bottom line.

Personal Performance

Your company’s results are the sum of all your employees’ personal performance. Henrik Wenøe shows you how to create lasting behavioral changes in yourself and your employees and avoid relapses into old habits.

How to create social capital in your organization

Claudia is a former marketing director in Carlsberg. In this workshop, she gives an insight into the meaning of “Social Capital” in modern leadership. She presents four concrete tools to build even more social capital in your organization. Mastering these tools will have a positive impact on your company’s bottom line and improve your employee satisfaction.

Make an impact through your words and actions

It is your own responsibility to make sure that your words and actions lead people in the direction you want to. Leaders play a special role and are obligated to lead the way. Liselotte shares her view on how to do this by being aware of the words and actions that characterize your communication.



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