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Boost your Business in 2020

– The art of creating new clients

Acuity Day 2019: You will leave this day with the mindset, techniques and tools you need to build long-term, successful sales relationships with precision and mastery. The Day will be held in Danish and English. 

DKK 2.495,- excl. VAT. Pay for one – come two


In the November Acuity Day with Henrik Wenøe, Training Director of Acuity World, and Joseph Riggio, Master Visiting Trainer, we invite you to join us as we lay out the process and the steps to execute it in detail, as well as provide you with a planning tool that makes being precise and consistent virtually automatic.

With Special Guest: Coming Soon

Sales Persistence: The Key To Long-Term Sales Relationship Success

There is a key to art of capturing new business, and growing existing business, in sales … nurturing the right relationships.  As the say, “the devil is in the details” … and it all depends upon precision execution of a simple process that leads to success in selling.

Here’s an overview of the seven-step process

  • Clearly define your offer and it’s value proposition.
  • Identify a prime target audience.
  • Create value-based messaging for your target audience.
  • Contact interested prospects in the target audience.
  • Discover the individual prospect’s solution outcome.
  • Present a tailored offer to the individual prospect.
  • Follow up as necessary to close the sale.

Until now there wasn’t an easy way to either manage the overview of this process, or customize it for a specific prospect, and significant fall off occurred in the follow up with proper persistence until the sale closed as desired.


Dr. Joseph Riggio

Coach, Master Trainer, Scientist & Author, JR International

Joseph works as a transformational change artist, including his work with leaders and entire organizations in international business and professional circles. He also advises single individuals, small groups and teams of people. As a renowned change artist he develops elite performance strategies that align his clients toward moving forward with greater integrity, elegance and aplomb.

Henrik Wenøe

CEO & Master Trainer at Acuity World

Henrik is known for customizing training for managers, leaders and employees in the fields of Leadership, Communication, Sales and Marketing. He unleashes the full potential by focusing on the interaction between the organization and the individual. Henrik is authorized NLP™ Trainer from The Society of NLP™ and the International Association of NLP™.

Special guest: Coming Soon


Cooming soon…..


Date: November 8th 2019

Time: From 9am to 3pm

Place: Havarthigården in Holte, Havarthivej 6, 2840 Holte

Price: DKK 2.950 excl. VAT. Pay for one – come two.

Registration from 8:30am to 9am, conference from 9am to 3pm. The price includes lunch and drinks during the day.

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Maria Nguyen

Maria Nguyen

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Pia Claudine Sørensen

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Lisa Clemmensen

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Acuity Worlds Kursuscenter, Havarthivej 6, 2840 Holte



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