Acuity World

Acuity World is a leading provider of training programs and courses specializing in developing individual and organizational skills in the areas of Personal Leadership, Personal Communication, Personal Coaching and Personal Sales. Through counseling, training and coaching, we develop people and companies on the basis of New NLP™. Acuity World was founded in 2000 and serves clients in a variety of locations around the world.

Our mission

Our mission is to help individuals and companies achieve their full potential by developing their personal and social skills through development programs, courses and coaching based on New NLP™. Our aim is to create room for growth.

Regardless of whether you lead yourself or others, Acuity World takes you on a journey, starting with the discovery of your own talent and your personal strengths. We build on what you are already good at. We teach you how to focus your efforts on what you want, supporting you in your progress towards your personal and professional goals.

Target group

Acuity World educates and trains managers, salespeople, marketing staff and other professionals with the desire to become even better at what they do and to achieve the absolute best in their professional and personal lives. Our clients include leaders from the business and public sectors, sales and marketing staff, entrepreneurs, trainers, coaches, human resources managers, academics, social workers and others who wish to improve their leadership and communication skills in order to achieve extraordinary results.

Since 2000 more than 5,000 people have benefited from our expertise through training and coaching.

Our starting point

Both companies and individuals perform best by building on what works instead of what doesn’t. Consequently, at Acuity World, we focus on the talents and strengths that are already in your organization. From this starting point, we realize your full potential.

Our history

Acuity World was founded in 2000 and serves clients in a variety of locations around the world. We are the only company in Denmark authorized to license our clients both in PLP™ and in NLP™ with the International Association of Personal Leadership™ and the Society of NLP™.


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