Acuity TALKS Program

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Jesper Lemmich

By Author

Jesper Lemmich


What is a Positive Activist and why do you want them?

Henrik Wenøe

By CEO and Author

Henrik Wenøe

For more than 20 years, Henrik has helped companies become healthier and more sustainable through a true focus on real value creation for their customers. Henrik has just published his latest book The Positive Activist – How to attract and Develop Loyal Customers and will here share some of the key points from the book so you can get more super happy and satisfied customers.


Why are most KPIs a waste of time and money & what to do about it?

Ivan Jæger Christensen

By CEO, Mindmill - Leads to business

Ivan Jæger Christensen

Ivan has many years of experience in sales management and will explain why he believes that most KPIs used today are useless and often directly demotivating for the sales organization. Ivan will tell you how you can lead your sales organization so that it promotes employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and value creation in your company.


Coffee Break


Changing corporate culture and behaviour to become more customer centric

Anders Normann

By Senior Director of Customer Experience and CRM, DSV

Anders Normann

Anders Normann has been responsible for implementing and anchoring DSVs Customer Experience strategy. Through building business case for improved customer experience, enabling increased focus on customers by the DSV frontline live staff and suppling customer insights and easy to use tools to deliver a behavioural change. In addition, DSV has managed to cut through the Machine Learning and AI hype by delivering a predictive churn warning, to optimize the efforts in retaining customers by the frontline staff.


Reflection time and exchange of experience with other participants


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Regenerative Leadership: Leadership inspired by the wisdom of nature 

Laura Storm

By Regenerative Business & Leadership Expert

Laura Storm

Successful leaders of the 21st century need to upgrade their understanding of the organization as a living breathing interconnected system. Most leaders today are trained by a mindset dominant in the industrial era where the organization was seen as a rigid, hierarchical, command-and-control machine – an approach unfit for our current reality. What does this mean for today’s leaders? How do they build the responsive, thriving and resilient organizations where both people, planet and prosperity thrive? How do they lend wisdom from the only system which has stood the test of time – nature’s living systems? In this talk Laura Storm, co-author of the book ‘Regenerative Leadership’ and founder of Regenerators, will outline the pioneering Regenerative Leadership DNA framework celebrated by coaches, leaders and employees all over the world. The DNA framework is systemic and holistic in its design which means it addresses equally how to design products and services, how to build thriving culture and how to build a strong inner core that all has regenerative principles integrated in its core.


Clarity, Commitment, Compliance … the Essence of Becoming A Postive Activist

Dr. Joseph Riggio

International Leadership Consultant, Coach and Trainer

Dr. Joseph Riggio

Being an activist is all about making a commitment to something personal and meaningful for you. When you’re clear about who you are and what you’re prepared to commit to, you’re ready to become compliant about taking action to take a stand and walk the walk that goes beyond “the talk” … and the personal rewards are enormous.


Summary of todays program

Claudia Lindby

Business Coach

Claudia Lindby