Acuity Summer Training

With Dr. Joseph Riggio and Henrik Wenøe

This training will be postponed. New dates are coming soon!

You will leave this intensive summer training better equipped to handle personal and professional challenges, tackle more significant organizational outcomes, take on more risks and responsibility confidently and comfortably, and produce results with greater ease and elegance than ever before … maybe even more than you ever thought you’d be possible of creating.

A short Introduction...

Listen to Joseph give you a very short overview of the EPC2 | Coaching & Consulting Summer Intensive Certification Training here.  Joseph will share with you a bit about what you will learn, how you can use it, and how the program will be presented as well.  These are some insights about why both Joseph & Henrik believe this program will allow you to make a radical update and shift in how you think about and do transformational change work with your clients, both personally and professionally.

About The Certification Training:

EPC2 | Exquisite Performance Coaching and Consulting Certification Training has a unique approach to developing your skills as a transformational change specialist, working with individuals and groups, both privately and professionally.

The EPC2 model of working with clients focuses on moving them to take action to create the results and outcomes they desire. Rather than dealing with what stops them, or all the precursors and antecedents of what limits them, the EPC2 model goes right to the heart of uncovering how to move from being stuck to creating momentum and getting things done.

EPC2 | Coaching will show you how to align the internal beliefs and external actions of your clients in just one session.

EPC2 | Consulting will reveal the way to align an entire team of individuals so they all pull together in a unified way and succeed.

The model works because it uses the innate, natural structure of human social evolutionary psychology to reset the process the individual, group or team you are working with regardless of the result or outcome they are seeking to accomplish.

Using the EPC2 Coaching & Consulting process with your clients will give you two powerful tools to help them make the progress they want and to position you as their go to solution when they need to get past what limits them, move onto getting things done and realizing the results, outcomes and success they desire.

Transform The Way You Work With Clients!

If you are ready to upgrade your skills as a professional coach and consultant these six days will transform how you work with clients, beginning with the idea that you can deliver true transformational change in as little as one session when you’re working with individuals or in as little as a few hours when you’re working with groups.
The EPC2 Certification Training for coaching and consulting eliminates all the fluff and extra stuff that just gets in the way of creating powerful transformational change, and gets directly to the heart of how to make the shift to the action that will make a difference with your clients. Once you are certified as an EPC2 Coach and/or Consultant you can immediately being to market yourself to deliver results that make a difference using your newly developed skills.


EPC2 Summer Intensive Certification Training Agenda:

Six full days packed with learning!

Day 1

11:00am – 6:00pm
Introduction to the EPC2 | Coaching Model
Basic Design And Psychology Behind EPC2 | Coaching

EPC2 | Coaching begins with the end in mind, but more than that works with how the way you hold the outcome actually limits or drives action you take.

Creating The Maximum Movement In Minimum Time

The EPC2 | Coaching model focus on bypassing what limits you from taking powerful, positive action towards getting results so you can begin NOW!

Day 2

9:00am – 5:00pm
Designing and Delivering the EPC2 | Coaching Session


How To Successfully Work With Clients Every Time

You will learn how to design and deliver the coaching session to be effective with any client you work with, regardless of the outcome.

Sequencing The Movement From Limitation To Outcome 

The  exact process to use to go from being stuck to getting unstuck, and how to link that to taking action and continuous updating in real-time.

Day 3

9:00am – 5:00pm
Integrating the EPC2 | Coaching Model


Building The EPC2 Model Into Your Own Client Work

You will get the keys to integrating EPC2 | Coaching into they way you work with clients regardless of what other things you do with them.

Using The EPC2 | Coaching Model To Leverage Results

Whether you only use the EPC Coaching with client or integrate with other work you do with them you’ll be able to guarantee results every time.

Day 4

10:00am – 6:00pm
Introduction to the EPC2 | Consulting Model
Understanding Groups And Group Dynamics

An exploration into the structure of groups and how they come together, form and become cohesive … or fail to connect leading to conflict.

Bringing The System Together Using Shared Values & Goals

Establishing shared “common ground” and ideally a shared outcome space allows individuals to be organized into groups and teams.

Day 5

9:00am – 5:00pm
Conflict and Competition in Groups & Teams
An Analysis Of Connection And Conflict In Groups

In this session we’ll focus on the  the ability to work with groups and facilitate collaboration that the EPC2 | Consulting model offers you.

Unraveling The Source Of Conflict & Building Connection

Often conflict goes unnoticed and prevents the possibility of collaboration, resolving this opens an opportunity for the group to succeed in new ways.

Day 6

9:00am – 4:00pm
Bringing the Group Together and Creating Synergy


Beyond Conflict and Connection to Creativity

The EPC2 | Consulting model opens the pathway to the power of communication leading to expressive creativity.

Releasing The Energy & Shared Vision Of The Team 

Helping a group or team exceed what was possible before they began working with you is the ultimate goal …

I want the full program of Acuity Summer Training

Date: August 13 – 18th 2018 (will be postponed)

From: From 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Venue: Acuity World, Havarthivej 6, 2840 Holte, Denmark

Price: DKK 34.950 excl. VAT.

Early bird (before July 13th)

DKK: 24.950 excl. VAT.

The price includes breakfast, lunch and snacks during the day.
I just want 3 days of EPC Coaching

Date: August 13 – 15th 2018 (will be postponed)

From: From 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Venue: Acuity World, Havarthivej 6, 2840 Holte, Denmark

Price: DKK 18.750 excl. VAT.

Early bird (before July 13th)

DKK: 13.495 excl. VAT.

The price includes breakfast, lunch and snacks during the day.
I just want 3 days of EPC Consulting

Date: August 16 – 18th 2018 (will be postponed)

From: From 9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Wenue: Acuity World, Havarthivej 6, 2840 Holte, Denmark

Price: DKK 18.750 excl. VAT.

Early bird (before July 13th)

DKK: 13.495 excl. VAT.

The price includes breakfast, lunch and snacks during the day.

NOTE: All programs include full, unedited recordings of the training on the member’s platform

CONTACT: For more information about the Acuity Summer Training please contact CEO at Acuity World Henrik Wenøe

(+45) 2296 9753

Dr. Joseph Riggio

Dr. Joseph Riggio

CEO, JSRI International

Dr. Joseph Riggio designed the EPC2 | Coaching & Consulting models after years of working with thousands of individuals as well as hundreds of groups and teams, to create powerful and effective transformational change in the shortest possible timeframe. Now after years of refinement you will be able to put these models to work to help others succeed in as little as one session, and use them to build even more effective ways of working with people in coaching and consulting settings.

Henrik Wenøe

Henrik Wenøe

CEO and Lead Trainer Acuity World

Henrik Wenoe is the founder of Acuity World and the developer of New NLP℠. He is a Master Trainer with a deep background in working with individuals, groups and teams, as well as designing custom training for corporate clients internationally. He uses and teaches the EPC2 | Coaching & Consulting models at Acuity World in Holte, Denmark. 

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